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Featured Products
  • The meter adopts advanced microcomputer control technology, the IC card as the carrier of information, theLiquid seal wet and replaceable battery technology, to achieve a reliable data acquisition, processing,
  • Healthy and environmental pollution-free
    --Shell and connecting parts are using food grade stainless steel to ensure national health water
    High accuracy, wide range --Water-saving starting flow rate of less than 2 liters, dripping metering
    --The range ratio up to R160
  • High-precision wide-range
    --The measuring rang for the flowrate is R200,the wider accuracy than GB/T778-1996 grade B.

    Wear resistance and long Working life
    --Solid cover on the counter to be effective in preventing damage

  • No power supply, and accurate meter reading
    --By photoelectric direct reading technology, direct reading water meter window values, accurate measurement, no pulse accumulation error
    --Table without power meter, electronic part and mechanical part does not directly contact the meter reading device,