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Service Undertaking
1, the product of the "three guarantees" eighteen months (from the date on which signed a contract with the tender side), "three guarantees" Division I will be the implementation of the relevant provisions of the country during the period."Three Guarantees" periodOutside (the service life of the meter range), the Division I water meters given by the relevant provisions of the state maintenance, maintenance, only charge maintenance materials costs.
2, I guarantee that the products are brand new, in line with the relevant national standards and the requirements of the tender documents., I tender side provide free technical training and support, to give a reply on the tender side raised questions about two hours, For the on-site service to our company within 24 hours to arrange the technical staff of the Office arrives Scene, For the company sent technicians, our company will be arranged within 48 hours Company technical personnel services arrived at the scene. Detection, the use of water meters, I can send technical personnel line free training, guidance, while welcoming the tender side to send someone to my guidance, training, my company provides all the convenience.
5, if the tender side need to, I can send technical personnel to free technical guidance on the installation of the water meter, and regular follow up call, understand usage, to solve the existing problems in the use. Our sales staff will be monthly once the site visit, to understand the issue in a timely manner, to solve the problem.
6, I opened the after-sales service Tel, phone number :0701 -6308019 Contact: Gui Miss.
7, the company's daily production capacity of 16,000 units meter, you can ensure that the requirements on time, quality, quantity supply tender side.
Commitment to quality assurance
I am committed as follows:
A quality assurance:
To ensure that products fully meet user needs in terms of suitability, reliability, security, and the spirit of being highly responsible, I tender the water table quality assurance and commitment in addition to fully implemented in accordance with its requirements, at the same time guarantee do: 1, the product is designed in strict accordance with the overall product function and structure design, tender documents Standards and parameters to ensure that the design and Correct use, installation convergence timely, thoughtful. 2, processes and production using advanced technology means to develop the process plan to determine the processing and assembly processRoute to develop the appropriate technical rules, to design and manufacture the necessary tooling, schedule, quality, and quantity requirements, organize various aspects of production to ensure compliance with product design requirements. 3, quality inspection to ensure that from raw material to finished product inspection checks each channel to ensure that inspection and real Experience has been effectively controlled.

Second, after-sales service commitment:
Dedicated after-sales of the Company Division, set up two groups; technical services group of five people, the maintenance group of three, a total of nine people. Responsibility: Chief comprehensive treatment product manufacturing quality problems. Technical Services Group: negativeResponsible for the procurement unit free technical training and support, and to give a reply to the doubts raised by the procurement unit 2 hours. Maintenance Group: responsible for problems when manufacturing quality, timely solutions to problems For on-site service within 48 hours of the Division I arrange technical staff arrived at the designated site, for maintenance and repair work. The establishment of the service line, build customer profiles, regular visits, and tracking services.
Service line
I am committed as follows: