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A strategic development system:

Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co.,Ltd is in a second venture period, the older generation Sanchuan people with the cause of the faith, indomitable fighting spirit, and write the water meter industry legend. Now the company urgently finance, financial, machinery, technology, business management, and to join a new generation of professionals to create a brilliant future Sanchuan. The spirit of "first-class talent to create a first-class corporate purposes, based on the status quo, with its own characteristics and development prospects to attract talent, enhance the overall quality of staff through sound training system, the establishment of an effective incentive mechanism of competition in order to create a good platform and talent space for development, constitute the Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co.,Ltd talent strategy development system.

Second, the concept of talent:

No talent, companies would be difficult to develop; talents to join the long-term corporate goals can not be achieved. Talent Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co.,Ltd, the first resource. Both senior leadership or workshop frontline workers, whether it is fighting in the technology front, engineers or grassroots Clerks, as long as competent at their jobs is talent; able to innovate to develop is the talents.

Selection, educating people, the employer, to keep people:

1, eclectic election talents: academic not the most important factor in the development of the company, whether they have the ability of continuous learning is the decisive factor of the development of the company you want, as long as you use the correct methods intentions to do something, Chang Huaiteeth grateful heart to look at your income received, and a love of learning, lifelong learning, will give maximum help and support you grow.
2, Intensify nurturing people: strict training management system, strengthen the quality of management personnel management, business skills training; ordinary employees through pre-job training, job skills training and assessment to improve the ability of employees to adapt their own work. Sanchuan is a warm family, have a good working atmosphere, of Sanchuan the core values is "Development is the last word," referred to here is the development of not only refers to the development of the enterprise; it is more important to provide employees and co-development stage and space.
3, through short-term grassroots internship, identify you in the Sanchuan the best combination of point, you have a post to display their talent. The most suitable for your posts is that you need the job, which is the Sanchuan employing standard.
4Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co.,Ltd, Jiangxi goal: concentric diversification strategy, extending the hydraulic industry chain, improve the product structure of the hydraulic industry. Sanchuan future will become a global manufacturer of water meters, the core of China's urban water supply metering services suppliers, China's environmental protection and hydraulic industry professional investors. We promote conservation of water resources, to achieve the lofty ideals of human health, water science water. This will be a big business for the benefit of mankind, worth a three Sichuan pride in and continue to work hard.

Fourth, successful model:

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