At the beginning of 2008, a sudden heavy snow brought major southern part a freezing disaster once in a blue moon. Water meters used by locals of GuiZhou, YunNan, HuBei, JiangSu and etc. were frost crack. For a moment water meters were in a bad need! Lunar January 3rd, the company got order from Ministry of Construction in helping the disaster area, comrade ZhuPing gave up the opportunity to enjoy family reunion, volunteered for transporting water meters in rescue to disaster area. Next afternoon, he had a car accident caused by the frozen and slippery road in TongRen area of GuiZhou, and sacrificed his life on his way to snow disaster recue. Comrade ZhuPing got titles as “Revolutionary Martyr”, “Excellent communist” from the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, “Top ten new people and new events that moved YingTan”, YingTan“Labor Award”etc..。

When south China met with extraordinary frozen disaster in 2008, the company threw itself into the breach and pulled out all stops to manufacture water meter overtime for disaster area during the Spring Festival. Manager ZhuPing sacrificed his life on his way to transporting water meter in rescue to GuiZhou disaster area.